Tubular element

Fitted with thermal fuse

Tubular element fitted with thermal fuse

Most tubular elements can be supplied with a thermal fuse fitted. This solution is especially suitable in connection with heating fluids. To decide which cut-off temperature the thermal fuse should have, measurements must be taken under actual operating conditions. The cut-off temperature must be at least 25–30 °C higher than the maximum temperature of the thermal fuse during normal operation. When heating water to approx. 90 °C a suitable cut-off temperature is 128 °C.


When a thermal fuse is fitted, this means that the thermal fuse and an insulating sleeve are cast into the sealing mass, and therefore cannot be replaced. If the thermal fuse is triggered, the entire element must be replaced. Flat pins or connection cables are spot welded to the connection bolt. Tubular elements with Ø 8.5 or 14 mm can be supplied with replaceable thermal fuses. A silicone sleeve with the thermal fuse can be pulled out of the element with a suitable tool. It is then easy to fit a new unit. With replaceable thermal fuses, round-pin plugs are preferable.


This element construction with a thermal fuse fitted is approved by NEMKO, VDE and UL and complies with EN 60691.


Technical data

Element diam.



Number of thermal fuses

Cut-off temperature Standard Tolerance 0/-4 °C

Ø 6,4 mm




66, 72, 91
98, 109, 128, 141
152, 184, 216, 228

Ø 8,5 mm




Ø 14 mm/2




Ø 14 mm/3





• Compact format
• Does not require extra cable connection
• Is ready fitted in the element
• Secure cut-off near the heat source
• Funcations at low total cost

Examples of use

• Washing machines
• Dishwashers
• Coffee makers
• Photographic developers
• Air heating with forced through-flow


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