Cast-in elements for direct & indirect heating

- Suitable for several different applications

Cast In Elements

Cast-in elements

Cast-in elements can be used for indirect heating of liquids for instance in tanks, for example, but also for direct heating in oil pre-heaters.


Backer tubular heating elements can be cast in an aluminum alloy such as silumin.

Embedment of a tubular heating elements increases the heat-emitting surface and enables the element to be adapted to different applications.

Technical Data


Different aluminum alloys


 approx. 500x500 mm, in certain cases even larger


Attachment in object


M4, flat pin, spot welded cable, round pin


One or two wattage ratings/element
According to customer specifications
Standard range

Example applications

  • Motor heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Resistance
  • Air heating
  • Oil heating
  • Heating plates
  • Heating shields


Product examples

Standard heater plate

The heater plate consists of a Ø 8.5 mm steel tubular element cast into silumin.


Standard heat shield

The heat shield consists of a Ø 6.4 mm steel tubular element cast into silium. The shield is placed on the outside of the container, and heats up the fluid indirectly. Since the heat shield does not come into contact with the fluid, it is not subject to lime deposits or corrosion.

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