IR-elements for quick and efficient heating

- Optimal performance even in vacuum and air flow environments



IR elements provide quick and efficient heating at a low investment cost.

This design is especially well-suited when briefly intermittent heating is required. An advantage with IR elements is that they can be used in vacuum or in air flow environments


They are used for radiant heat mainly in industry, but they can also be used in terrace heaters fitted under a parasol. IR elements are made of ceramic material, quartz glass or quartz glass with halogen. Infrared radiation is particularly suitable for short-term, periodic heating


Technical Data

Elements in ceramic materials and quartz glass emit infrared radiation at long and medium wavelengths at working temperatures between 150–760 °C.


Quartz glass elements with halogen emit infrared radiation at short wavelengths at working temperatures up to 2400 °C.




Quartz glass

Quartz glass with halogen


Working temperatures from 150 – 2400 °C depending on the material


Locking ring/spring washer

M5 x 30 mm

Standard lock

Customer specifications


Standard range

IR heaters

IR reflectors

IR heating panels

Customer specifications


Example application

  • Animal husbandry
  • IR heaters
  • IR panels
  • Forming plastic
  • Silk screen printing
  • Sterilisation
  • Gluing
  • Drying lacquers and prints

Product examples

Backer’s IR elements are supplied in standard designs or adapted to customer specifications.


Heating panels

We also supply heating panels with elements in ceramics or quartz glass. Customer specified, e.g. for installation in a plastic-thermoforming machine, with or without control equipment.

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