Tubular heating elements

Thermostat and manually resettable thermal cut-offs


Thermostat and manually resettable thermal cut-offs

The tubular heating elements with dia. 8.5 mm can be equipped with a thermostat and a resettable thermal cut-off, mounted at the end of electrical tubular heating element. Heating elements with mounted thermal cut-off and/or thermostat are approved by SEMKO, VDE and UL, particularly suitable for liquid heating.


To determine the breaking temperature of the resettable cut-off it is advisable to measure the temperature under normal conditions and in intended application. The breaking temperature is recommended to be at least 25-30°C above the maximum temperature of the thermal cut-off at normal operation.

Technical data


Thermal cut-off

Type of design

BTS 085 060 (10) 130

BTC 085 060 (10) 130

Cutting temperature

60 (10) - 130°C

60 (10) - 130°C


+/- 5°K

+/- 10°K


+/- 1°K

+/- 1°K

Max power

250 V

250 V

Max current

10 A

12 A

Contact resistance

< 20m Ω

< 20m Ω

Surround temperature

T 180°C

T 180°C


Nemko-Certifikat No. 945010701

Nemko-certificat no. 982103601


EN 60730-2-9:1995

EN 60730-2-9:1995


Standard tab terminals or cables spot welded to the termianl pin


  • Compact design
  • No extra cable connection is required
  • Premounted inside the element
  • Reliable function, power is cut close to the heating source
  • Low total cost for the function


Examples of application

  • Dish washers
  • Washing machines
  • Photographic processors
  • Boilers
  • Coffee machines
  • Air heating with forced air flow

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