-Explosion secure equipment

Thick film elements

Elements for process heating

Norske Backer designs and manufactures electric heating elements and heating systems for industrial processes and the oil and gas sector.


Areas with a risk of explosion

Explosion-proof equipment is required when media are processed or stored in areas where there is a risk of explosion. These areas are most often in the offshore, chemical or petrochemical industries. Our explosion-proof solutions are manufactured to comply with the ATEX and IECEx directives, which cover electrical and mechanical equipment for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion.

Examples of use

  • Heating water
  • Heating oil
  • Process heating
  • Load resistance

Heating elements

  • The heating elements we manufacture are available in these materials:
    • AISI 304
    • AISI 316L
    • Incoloy 800
    • Incoloy 825
    • Titanium

Flow through

  • Manufactured in the following materials:
    • AISI 304
    • AISI 316L
    • Super Duplex
    • Titanium
    • Other materials are available on request.

Regulation equipment

  • Sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Regulators
  • Control panels

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