Aluminium element for radiation

Aluminum elements for radiation

Backer’s high radiation element is used to transfer heat through radiation. This enables direct heat where it’s needed and thereby minimizes energy losses. It also increases the total heat that can be dissipated from the element. The element has a discrete black color and is odor free during use. Backer's painted profiles can now be heated to 350°C!

Backer’s aluminium products are designed to obtain optimum heating transmission by thermal radiation. The products are also designed to guarantee noiseless operation, perfect running and optimal efficiency. The profiles need to be treated with some kind of surface coating in order to dissipate thermal radiation. We offer uncoated, anodized or painted elements.

Example applications

  • Roof heater
  • Frost guards
  • Air heating inside radiators
  • Convectors
  • Low tool cost by new production
  • Low density = weight saving
  • High degree of corrosion-resistance
  • Effective conduction of heat
  • Long duration product
  • No odor from painted sections when heated up

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