Towel dryer

Towel dryer aluminum

Backer has developed a device for drying of towels or outdoor clothes. It’s based on the technolgy of tubular heating elements and produced from an anodized aluminium profile, directing the radiating energy to the front. The design of the towel dryer can be customized regarding length, width and profile shape. It’s color can be choosen from a wide range, through anodization. The device has a hidden on/off switch and a practical and a robust hanging device.

Technical data


Anodized aluminium profile.
Standard color: matt or natural


L: min 300 mm, max 1300 mm . Standard W: 124 mm


Straight, concave or ribbed profile. Standard acc. to picture


Approx. 90 W (when dimensioned as above)

Surface temp

Max. 60°C


230 V


Anodization in other colors
Wooden- or marble like surface
Customized patterns on the profile e.g. ribbed


CE marking
Safety class I and class II

Protection class


Example applications

  • Towel dryer for bathrooms
  • Towel dryer for kitchens
  • Hanging and drying device for outdoor clothes for households,
    kindergardens & schools, SPAs etc.

Domestic heating
  • Large heating surface
  • Energy efficient, low power
  • Multiple design alternatives reg. size, color, profile pattern
  • Directed heat radiation
  • Easy and practical hanging of towels and outdoor clothes

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