Constant wattage heating cables

Constant wattage heating cables are divided into zones. They have a fixed wattage per meter and and can be cut. Constant wattage heating cables are used in frost protection and for temperature regulation. Flexible solution – easy to cut to desired lengths and easy to terminate. The heating cables must not cross one another and a thermostat must always be used to control the temperature. Backer offer a wide range of constant wattage heating cables for temperatures up to 285°C and wattages up to 70 W/m. We also supply thermostats and other accessories.

Powerheat AHT

Powerheat AHT is a special patented heating cable with a coating of aluminum, enabling the cable to withstand temperatures up to 425°C and with a constant wattage of up to 150 W/m. The heating cables are explosion-proof.

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