Immersion heaters for liquid heating in various products

– Vast range of materials, properties and control devices

Immersion heater

Immersion heaters

Backer manufactures screw-plug immersion heaters for heating water and oil. Available in copper, stainless steel or stainless steel with brass plug. Plug available in 1", 1 1/4", and 2".


Immersion heaters are used as heat sources in domestic water heaters, dishwashers, industrial baths, oil radiators and towel dryers, to mention a few examples.


Immersion heaters incorporate tubular elements with flanges, nipples or plugs attached either by welding or soldering. Immersion heaters can be equipped with thermostats, temperature limiters and connection boxes. There are also thermostats and temperature limiters for mounting inside the tubular elements.

Immersion heaters with ceramic elements are also available.

Backer maintains a standard range of immersion heaters in stock (semi assembled) for water or oil heating, for promt delivery.

We also manufacture producters according to customer specifications. Contact us if you find what you're looking for.

Standard screw-plug water immersion heater

Screw plug oil immersion heaters

Screw plug hydraulic oil immersion heaters

Electronic terminal box

Immersion heater


Electronic terminal box with microprocessor controlled temperature control. Easy operation with push buttons in the front. LED display for indication of current status, setpoint and setup.
K7E fits Backer immersion heaters with flange sizes between 11/4 - 21/2 inch. K7E is designed for standalone operation or with external control system. The product is intended for heating water / liquids. K7E is certified according to: 60335-2-73 (Special requirements on fixed immersion heaters, unpressurized system). For applications that do not fall under the above mentioned standard supplementary risk assessment and possible testing is required.


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