Screw plug immersion heater with galvanic insulated elements

– For direct heating of liquids

Screw plug immersion heater

Screw plug immersion heater with galvanic insulated elements

Screw plug immersion heater for direct heating of liquids. The tubular elements are galvanic isolated from the screw plug. The galvanic insulation of the tubular element reduces the risk for electrical leakage and also contributes to a longer live time for the anode.

Technical data


Tube material, e.g.
AISI 316L/EN 1.4404
Incoloy 800/EN 1.4876
Incoloy 825/EN 2.4858


Ø 6.4, 8.5 mm
Insertion length o´per customer spec.


Screw plug 1 ½ '', 2 ''


Backers Terminal box K31 with integrated
thermostat and reset of thermal cut-off from the outside


Per customer spec. up to 11 000 W


Max 480 V


Backer 1- or 3-pole thermostat 30-90°C
Backers standard - 3-pole thermal cut off 110°C


Meet requirements per EN 60335-1

Protection class


 Examples of applications

  • Domestic water boilers
  • All kinds of storage for liquid heating

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