Double insulated heating elements

– With several different options for regulation and thermal protection

Tubular heating elements

Double insulated heating elements

We have double insulated tubular heating elements with a variety of different options for regulation and thermal protection. If preferred you can also receive help in configuring an optimal heating solution for your product application.

Technical data


AISI 321 (14 mm)

AISI 304 (16 mm)

Stål DIN 2394

Element length

250-2100 mm


Max 480V, (with options below max 230 V)


300-2000 W


16 mm or 14 mm


Cable, tab terminal or round pin 1.5 or. 1.6 mm
Sealing "V0"-classified available


Electronic control box with quick connection
Built-in thermostat 70-150°C
Built-in thermistor (NTC)
Pocket tube for thermostat


  • Integrated temperature regulation
  • Integrated thermal protector
  • Double insulated


Examples of applications

  • Towel dryers
  • Liquid filled radiators
  • Other liquid heating
  • Heating systems for trolley buses

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