Backer provide regulators, temperature sensors and semiconductor relays for temperature regulation of heating equipment, tools and machines within among others plastic- and packing industries. We can offer the components or we can design, manufacture and deliver a complete unit for regulation. For regulation of temperature in tools and machines for plastics and packaging industries.

Regulators and sensors


Developed to fill a gap in the digital control of our own heating products, the Backer IoT Smart Temperature Controller (HRDc) allows users to visualize and control energy usage and application temperatures remotely.

Our Smart Temperature Controller is designed to be incorporated into integrated heating applications, a stand alone panel mounted independent controller.

The HRDc is designed to be fitted directly into your control or instrument panel with an easy to fit flexible housing. Both process and target temperatures can be easily viewed from the front screen and alterations to the set point can be made using buttons on the front panel.

Technical data

Example applications

  • Process Control
  • Building Management
  • Staged Heating Control
  • Scheduled Duty Cycling
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
Immersion heater with box
Regulators and sensors

dTRON 316

The JUMO dTRON 316 is a controller in 48x48 mm DIN format. For controlling temperature, pressure and other process variables.


As a temperature controller (TR) according to EN 14597 the devices are used in heat generating plants to control the temperature of liquids or gases (mode of action: 1B).

The high-contrast, multicolor LC display for process value, setpoint and operator prompting contains two four-digit 7-segment displays, two single-character 16-segment displays, shows the active setpoints, six switch position indicators, and displays for the dimensional unit, ramp function and manual operation.


Simple operation through 4 keys. The instruments can be used as 2-state, 3-state, modulating or continuous controllers.

The controller software includes a program or ramp function, parameter set changeover, two autotuning (self-optimization) procedures, a math and logic module, as well as 4 limit comparators.

Linearizations for the usual transducers are stored, and a customer-specific linearization table

can be programmed.


A setup program is available (option) for user-friendly configuration from a PC.

A serial interface for RS422/485 or Profibus-DP can be used to integrate the instruments into a data network.

The electrical connection is made at the back, via screw terminals.

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