Steatite elements & Open spiral elements

Steatite heating elements, or ceramic heating elements, are most often used for indirect heating of liquids in; water heaters, boilers, oil preheaters and industrial baths. Steatite heating elements can also be used for direct heating of air, such as in convection ovens. One advantage of steatite heating elements is the opportunity to change elements without first emptying containers or tanks. The elements are also used in applications where you want to reduce the risk of lime or coke formation and in applications where large pressure stresses require extra wall thickness in the diving tube.

Wire elements are manufactured in a large number of designs, for example with open spirals for use in dryers. They are also available as ceramic ring elements for tool heating or as an immersion heater, to name a few. They are manufactured according to customer specifications that are produced together with Backer’s experienced designers. Control is done with a thermostat and/or overheating protection.

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