We contribute to advances in medicine and science.

The medicine and science sector is an important industry for us. We understand the importance of technological progress in this sector and continually develop new heating solutions that live up to market requirements and needs. In addition to our standard product range, we can also customize products and technical solutions in specific sizes, power, temperature and control specifications for medical equipment, laboratory equipment and devices according to individual wishes and requirements. These in turn can contribute to medical scientific advances and to save lives.

Our products


Sterilization equipment

Operation equipment

Packaging equipment

Analyzing equipment


Magnetic stirrers

Anaesthesia heaters

Surgey bedsPatient comfort systems

CPAP and vapor therapy machines

Dialysis systems (in-home and on-site)

Fluid warming for treatment and sterilization

Humidity control

Wound treatment

DNA testing

Blood analysis

Breathalyzer and chemical trace


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