Immersion heaters

We manufacture immersion heaters for liquid heating. Elements are produced in copper and acid-resistant stainless steel with heads available in stainless steel or brass. Threaded flanges are available in several sizes, including 1", 1¼" and 2". Electric cartridges, or plug-in cartridges, are used as a heat source in, for example, water heaters, dishwashers for commercial kitchens, boilers and industrial baths. The immersion heater consists of Backer tubular elements that are soldered or welded to flanges, element heads or nipples. They can then be supplemented with a thermostat, temperature limiter and junction box. Thermostat and temperature limiters are also available for installation in pipe elements. As an alternative, there are also immersion heaters made of steatite elements for indirect heating. Backer stocks a standard range of immersion heaters for liquid heating in various designs, for fast delivery. We also offer customized immersion heaters as desired.


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