Efficient heating solutions for rail traffic.

We strive to be able to offer a holistic concept to the Railway segment, and as much as we care that the infrastructure for rail transport runs smoothly, we are also keen to offer a complete solution for the actual rail traffic. We design and produce different types of heating solutions with, for example, thick film foil which is ideal for underfloor heating on trains and for trolley couplings to prevent icing. We also have heating products such as body side heaters and compact and efficient heaters for narrow and cramped spaces. In addition, we supply resistors for railway applications, such as traction brake resistors, damping and filter resistors. We can also assist with custom resistors as needed and desired. Our resistors comply with international directives and requirements for traction, power resistor design, insulation, shock and vibration resistance and environmental conditions.

Our products

NIBE Railway

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Floor Heating

Body Side Heating

Heating in Driver's Cabins

Vestibule heating

Heating of waste water tanks

Heating of water pipes

Water heating

Lens heaters Heating for windscreen wipers / washers


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