Smart heating solutions for infrastructure.

In the Infrastructure segment, we have gathered both components and complete systems which ensures reliable railway traffic by keeping switching points, railway switches and overhead lines ice-free with minimal energy consumption in snow conditions. We offer a wide range of energy-saving heating solutions for all types of railway traffic to ensure reliable traffic in winter weather. To be able to be one step ahead and have the opportunity to predict the weather in a short time and warm up the tracks, we have developed a weather-based control system, which is designed to get a local weather forecast. This way you can save between 40% up to 80% energy by heating the tracks only when there is a risk of snow or frost. In addition to our complete systems, we also offer system components delivered from the smallest railway terminals, heating elements and control boxes for complete systems including monitoring and control software systems (SCADA).

Our products

NIBE Railway

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Control cabins for switching points

Safety transformers for ballast mounting

Monitoring software for switching points

Tram heater for tram points

Load resistance system for diesel electric trains

Mounting clamps for all types of guide rails

Heating cable for overhead lines

Platform heater


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