A picture of a flanged immersion heater

Flanged immersion heaters

Backer’s Flanged Immersion Heaters give you efficient heating with a robust, industrial design. The selection of various materials, sizes, immersion lengths and watt densities ensures an optimized configuration for every unique application. The Backer range of Flanged Immersion Heaters are designed for applications in tanks and vessels as well as flow heaters. The heating elements, which are welded, brazed or clamped onto the flange, are either pre-designed for standard applications or will be customized for specific needs. The standard flanges, insulation necks and connection boxes are pre-assembled in various sizes.


Technical data

Inactive length

Standard 108 mm, optional 258 mm


400 V

Surface load

1-10 W/cm²


EN 1.4404, EN 1.4301

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