Flow through heater for dishwascher

Flow-through heater for dishwashers

Flow heater for dishwashers or water pumps. Temperature increases 1.5°C per minute between 40°C and 73°C. (higher rate of increase at lower water temperature).

Technical data


Tubular heating element aluminum tube. Outer tube EN 1.4301 or EN 1.4408


Length 145 mm

external Ø 32 mm, internal Ø 30,5 mm


Up to 1800 W


120-203 VAC

Surface load

Max 8.9 W/cm²

Attachment device

Hose clamp, rubber sleeve Ø 32 mm


Max. 45 l/minute

Operating temp.

Built-in: Cut-off thermostat temp 98°C
and fuse temp. 229°C


The elements meet requirements per EN 60335-1

Per VDE requirements

Meets UL requirements per UL 1030

Example applications

  • Dish washers
  • Bubble baths

  • Compact construction
  • Low surface temperature

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