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The International Energy Agency, IEA, recently released a report on heat pumps.

Normally, the IEA annually releases an overall energy report. In addition, this year they chose to also look more specifically into the field of heat pumps and create a special report on this area.

The message in the report is clear. Leading manufacturers in the industry can expect sales of heat pumps to triple by 2030. The majority of buildings in Europe and the rest of the world are still heated with fossil fuels. The IEA believes that not only is there now momentum to find other more sustainable solutions for heating, now there is also, thanks in large part to their report, strong support for changing national, European, and global policies in that direction. The IEA, led by Fatih Birol, sees that heat pumps will play a decisive role in this transition.

Backer started developing, producing, and delivering sustainable solutions for heat pumps already 15 years ago. Today, we are a reliable partner to leading heat pump manufacturers nationally and globally.

"Leading manufacturers in the industry can expect sales of heat pumps to triple by 2030."

We know heat pumps and we are eager to take our responsibility to ensure the success of this green transition. We are ready to meet the demands that are predicted and that we are already starting to see. Make sure to secure sustainable solutions for your heat pumps in time, contact one of our heat pump specialists and they will be happy to help you.

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