Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Energy Facility

Geoenergianläggningen i Sösdala

In the heart of Sösdala, Sweden, where innovation meets tradition, Backer AB is taking significant steps towards a more sustainable future. With a long history as one of the municipality's largest employers, Backer not only has a significant impact on the local economy but also on the environment. This article explores our commitment to geoenergy, a journey led by none other than Bengt Carlsson, our Maintenance and Property Manager. With his versatile role, Bengt oversees everything from property maintenance to new constructions and mechanical manufacturing. His passion for solving problems and tackling challenges shines through as he shares his journey with Backer, from his early days as an electrical engineer to now being a key player in the company's sustainability efforts.

The path towards an Efficient Geoenergy Facility

"It all started with great curiosity," Bengt explains as he reflects on how the geoenergy facility project began. With the goal of completely phasing out fossil fuels, NIBE made a group decision that put the Sösdala facility at the forefront of innovation within the NIBE group.

This project, which started with a smaller facility of 10 drill holes in 2018, laid the groundwork for the comprehensive energy solution that now powers a significant part of Backer's production. Switching to geoenergy has led to significant environmental and economic benefits for Backer. "We have drastically reduced our fossil fuels," Bengt says. By using heat pump solutions topped with electric boilers, the company has achieved an impressive reduction in energy use by 450,000 kWh compared to 2012. This transition has not only benefited the environment but also improved the working environment and proven to be cost-effective in the long term.

A reassessment that led to Results

A thorough preliminary study and reassessment of our initial planning stage proved crucial for the project's success. Early calculations suggested that 130 drill holes would be needed to expand the system. However, through strategic replanning and optimization, we were able to reduce this to 35 drill holes to effectively support our energy needs, underscoring the importance of adaptability and innovation in our sustainability projects.

Innovative Energy Solutions

We have developed an innovative system where five of our buildings in Sösdala are interconnected in a low-temperature network. This system allows for detailed control of energy flows, where excess heat is efficiently stored in the rock for later use. The technology we are now using in Sösdala includes advanced heat pumps that convert low-grade energy into high-grade. This enables us to not only streamline our heating and cooling but also to significantly reduce our environmental impact.

Optimized Use of Waste Heat

A prominent example of the system's efficiency is how we now reuse waste heat from our production. Instead of releasing this heat, we convert it through our heat pumps into heating and hot water. This initiative has led to considerable savings and improved energy efficiency across the company.


Geo energy facility

Looking Forward

With an eye towards the future, Backer is not ready to stand still. "Next week, we are starting up the latest in the heat pump market," Bengt reveals enthusiastically. The installation of propane-driven heat pumps marks the beginning of the next phase in the company's pursuit of sustainability. In addition, a new facility is planned to reduce nickel emissions from production, a testament to the company's dedication to environmentally friendly solutions.

Backer's journey towards a more sustainable future is both inspiring and admirable. Under the leadership of Bengt Carlsson, the company continues to explore new ways to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining its position as a leading employer in the region. With a combination of innovation, commitment, and a strong will to make a difference, Backer AB stands firm in our vision of a greener future.

4 Tips for Successful Sustainability Projects

Looking back on our journey and the progress we've made, it's clear that success is not solely due to the technology we chose, but also to the methodology and approach behind its implementation. Here, Bengt Carlsson shares four crucial tips for successful projects in sustainable energy use:

Project tips from Bengt Carlsson

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