A picture of an IBC silicone base heater which heat up containers from the bottom

IBC Silicone base heater to heat up containers from the botton

The standard IBC silicone base heater in stock is used to heat up IBC containers from the bottom instead of the traditional drum heaters. The heater is designed to heat viscous or semi-solid products and thereby facilitate emptying containers. It is also effective to keep the content at a consistent temperature and to avoid freezing. Ideal for heating water, oils, diesel fuel, resin, vaseline, wax e.g. lanolin, fats, glues, adhesives and other industrial liquids or foods that must have a uniform temperature or viscosity. If a faster heating process is required, it is easy to combine it with an IBC insulation jacket. The heater could be fitted with an optional and adjustable digital temperature controller for safe and precise temperature controlling.

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Technical data


EN 60335-1, CE


Wired element insulated with silicone material that withstand the weight from a fully loaded IBC

Electric Connection

1.5 m power cable without plug

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