Compressor crankcase heaters in silicone rubber

Backer standard range of compressor crankcase heaters in stock covers almost every need of a circular heater of bellyband type regardless brand of compressors. The heaters are mainly used for compressors in heat pumps and air-conditioning or chiller systems that are installed in cold enviroments outdoors or in freezing rooms. The CCH heats the oil in the crankcase to prevent refrigerant migration and mixing with crankcase oil when the unit is off. It also prevents condensation of refrigerant in the crankcase and damage of the compressor. Backer patented design permits the heat cable to rest directly on the compressor housing to achieve optimal heat properties with reduced energyconsumption along with installer-friendly features.

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Technical data


Silicone rubber with a moulded heating cable

Electric Connection

Leads and ground-cable with terminals

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