A picture of series resistance heating cables

Series resistance heating cables

Heating cables with series resistance should be used when the voltage has a high impact on on heating cable power. These are ideal for frost protection and temperature maintenance if the total lenght of the cable exeed 200 meters.

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Technical data

Max working temperature



up to 600V

Electric Connection

Backer offers two different types of heating cables with series resistance: Single core teflonized heating cable supplied with a resistances between 0,8 and 8000 ohm/km. Can be used for applications where temperatures up to 260°C can occur and were a voltage up to 600V is required Longline heating cables manage 5 km from one power sorce. Longline can be used for applications where temperatures up to 230°C can occur. The heating cable is offered in 1-pole or 3-pole designs and can give a constant wattage up to 60W/m The cables are EX-proof.

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