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Infrared bulbs in ceramic ESEXL

The standard range of ceramic infrared bulbs in stock is an ideal solution for heating of pets, farm animals or other cold-blooded animals such as reptiles that require the best in comfort heat. A ceramic infrared bulb offers a far more durable and efficient solution than the red bulbs most typically found in these applications. The energy output of ceramic bulbs focusses on heat alone with no negative light outputs that can disturb the diurnal cycle of the animal to be heated. Furthermore, ceramic materials also provide a longer wavelength heat generation that is far more conductive to comfort heating for any living creature.

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Technical data

Max working temperature

Max permissible 530ºC


CE, UL-499


230-240 V


Ceramic solid body in white glace colour with an embedded high temperature resistance wire

Electric Connection

E27 Edison screw fitting

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