A picture of an Infrared elements in quartz QTH – quartz halogen element

Infrared elements in quartz QTH

The standard range of quartz halogen infrared heating elements in stock are used in a wide range of industrial and engineering applications such as thermoforming, powder paint, pre-lacquering, sublimation, pasteurisation, printing, drying, gluing, sterilisation, roasting etc. Quartz halogen elements heats up and cool down within seconds making them particularly suitable for systems requiring a very fast thermal response and short cycle times. Heat output is also very high making these heaters useful in high heat demand or in fast moving processes like paper processes etc.

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Technical data

Max working temperature

May exceed 600ºC on the glass tube




240 V


Quartz glass tubes dia. 10 mm sealed with halogen gas and sealed with a tungsten filament coil

Electric Connection

Flat ceramic bae with 135 mm PTFE-insulated leads

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