A picture of a PTC heating element, type B34-96-3

PTC heating element B34-96-3

Backer standard range of PTC – Positive Temperature Coefficient heating elements in stock are designed for heating of forced air to be used in a wide range of engineering and domestic applications such as fan heaters, dehumidifiers, hot air curtains, tumble dryers, drying units, hand dryers, cabinet heaters etc. The PTC heating technology offers several advantages compared to conventional resistance heaters e.g. rapid heating with selfregulating temperature control, uniform heating without power variation, compact design, no risk for overheating, economic installation, long life-time etc. The element consists of PTC-chip and aluminium fins assembled by brazing and gluing in a heat resistant plastic frame that gives both technical and commercial advantages compared to mechanically assembled PTC elements.

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Technical data


230 Vac ±15%

Power tolerance

820W ±10% @ 48m³/h, 25ºC


Ceramic PTC-chip BaTiO3 , fins in aluminium, adhesive and coating in silicone, frame in PPS R7 plastic

Electric Connection

Tab terminal 6.4±0.1 mm

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