A picture of a Pedestal heaters for the semiconductor industry

Pedestal heaters for the semiconductor industry

For the advanced heating application that requires temperature uniformity at higher operating temperatures than traditional heaters, PyrAlloy is a hyper conductive composite of (1500 watts/m-K) thermally annealed graphite that is fused inside of a heater plate with the heater element to produce a uniform temperature distribution on the surface of a heater plate. PyrAlloy is a patent composite consisting of a Thermal Pyrolytic Graphite Layer and Heating Element vacuum brazed into stainless plates to produce a heater plate. This high thermal conductivity composite efficiently distributes heat, lowing the internal dielectric temperature on the heater element. This reduces leakage current at elevated temperatures raising the maximum temperature of the heater. PyrAlloy heater plates can produce temperature uniformity of +/- 0.5% and maximum temperature ratings up to 600°C in stainless. Similar improvements can be produced in aluminum.

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Technical data

Max working temperature



Thermal pyrolytic graphite layer and a heating element that is vacuum soldered to stainless steel plates

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