Backer cast-in elements with tubular heating element

Backer standard range of cast-in elements in stock, are mainly intended for indirect heating of liquids in vessels and containers. Since the shield assembles outside on the vessel casing and therefore not in direct contact with the liquid, it eliminates the risk for lime scaling and corrosion on the heating element. Assembly is simple done by fixing bolts and adding of heat transfer cement between element surface and the vessel casing. Large heat emitting surface of the element gives a low relative surface temperature and less heat losses since the temperature difference between the shield and the liquid is little. A heat capacity increase is simple done by adding number of shields.

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Technical data


Backer 40579311 CE


SS 4330701, SS-EN 60335-1, UL-1030, ISO 6469-3

Power tolerance

5% / -10%


Tubular element Ø6,4 mm in stainless steel EN 1.4301/AISI 304 cast-in in aluminum alloy

Electric Connection

Tab terminals 6,3±0,1 mm

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