A picture of Backer PTC cartridge heater 12mm

Backer PTC cartridge heater 12 mm

Backer standard range of PTC cartridge heaters in stock intended for defrosting, frost protection and evaporation of condensing water are suitable as heat sources for instance in freezing- and cooling equipment, climate plants etc. The PTC heater is self-regulating i.e. it will automatically adjusts its power consumption until it reaches the pre-set desired switching temperature (Curie point or Tc). Other advantages are increased safety, rapid and uniform heating without power variation, energy saving, no risk for overheating, no need for extra thermal protec-tion and a long lifetime. Same heater can be used for either air or liquid heating.

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Technical data


EN 60335-1




Tubular element Ø12 mm in acidproof stainless steel EN 1.4404/AISI 316L Vulcanized rubber sleeve in EPDM

Electric Connection

Cable REV 3x0,75 mm² length 4000 mm

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