A picture of cartridge heaters - Ø12,5 mm with built-in thermocouple

Cartridge heaters - Ø12.5 mm with built-in thermocouple

The standard range of cartridge heaters in stock are used for heating of solid, liquid or gas in a wide range of industrial and engineering applications within plastic-, packaging-, rubber-, wood- and paper industry, foundries, medicine technical and laboratorial industry. Typical applications are heating of moulds, hotplates, tools for sealing and marking equipment etc. The cartridge heater design, with a resistance wire wrapped around a magnesium oxide core positioned close to the metal casing, gives an excellent heat distribution allowing a very high power at a limited space.

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Technical data

Inactive length

5 mm at bottom end, 10 mm at connection end


CE, EN 60335-1


230 V

Surface load

W/cm² enligt tabell

Power tolerance

+5% / -10%


Cartridge Ø12.5 mm in stainless steel EN 1.4541/AISI 321 with a built-in thermocouple Fe-CuNi type J positioned

Electric Connection

Internal cable connection with 1000 mm high temperature resistant cables 260ºC

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