A picture of Backer water heater BHV

Backer water heater BHW

Do you need to let the water run for a long time before it gets hot? That problem will disapear with the installation of a Backer Water Heater. It is to be mounted at the tap place and offers immediate access to real hot water. Thanks to its compact dimensions it is easy to install and it can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The Backer Water Heater is suitable for homes, gardens, caravans, boats, farms etc. Article number 6050 459 003 Technical info: Capacity 5 liters , Dimension 145 x 215 x 540 (W x H x L), Supply power 2,2 kW, Thermostat 30-80°C, Heat up time 45°C 7 min, Heat up time 80°C 13 min.

Technical data

Max work pressure

10 bar


IP classification: IP21 CE-marked


230 V

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