Micanite heater

Micanite elements

Micanite elements are typically used for contact heating of tools and for indirect heating of liquids in vessels. Micanite is an excellent insulation material based on mica. The micanite sheets can be cut, punched or shaped to fit in tools, etc. Micanite elements enclosed in flat or round metal sheeting are called band heaters.

Technical data


Micanite, based on glimmer
Enclosure in, e.g. stainless steel


Cable, tab terminals, screw and nut
nickel wire with ceramic beads or silicon rubber hose

Surface load

3-4 W/cm² (at max. 350°C)
Max. 7W/cm² for very high heat transfer

Operating temp.

Max. 700°C (at max. 4 W/cm²)


Max. 480V


The elements meet requirements per EN 60335-1

Example applications

  • Protection against cold
  • Tool heating
  • Drying equipment
  • Toasters
  • Heating plates
Micanite elements as frost protection

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