PTC element

PTC elements

PTC elements are used as heating sources in air heaters, drying units and compartment heaters for cars and trains. PTC elements consist of PTC thermistors and aluminum strips joined by brazing or gluing. The PTC element can be mounted in a frame of heat-resistant plastic or integrated a specific application.


  • Rapid heating of element
  • Self-regulating function
  • Heating power controlled by the air-flow
  • Uniform heating without power variations
  • No risk for overheating
  • Long service life

Technical data


PTC thermistors and aluminum strips, joined by soldering and gluing.
Optional frame of heat resistant plastic


Assembly in a frame of heat-resistant plastic
Integration in the actual application
Casting in heat-resistant plastic
Customer-specific aluminum sections


110-400 VAC, 12-36 VDC


Heating elements
Immersion heaters
Heating chips
As accessory for heating elements
As accessory for flexible elements

Switching temperature:

Curie point min. 50°C, max 260 °C

Example applications

  • Compartment heaters
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Towel dryers
  • Air heaters
  • Warming plates
  • Drying appliances
  • Glue guns
  • Heating systems for vehicles
  • Tumble driers
Tumble dryer

Product examples

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