Immersion heater with electronic control

Immersion heater with electronic control

Immersion heater and terminal box with electronic setting of desired temperature and hysteresis with exact control via NTC. The display on the box shows current temperature and with a flashing lamp, operating status of the heating elements is shown. The terminal box offers a posibility for external control via e.g. a thermostat placed in the surroundings or via a central control unit.


There is also a possibility to add specific operating alternatives and delayed power on/off. The box is also equipped with an integrated frost guard, which can be activated at need. On request, the immersion heater can also be manufactured with galvanic insulated elements.

Technical data


90x90x123 mm


230V 1~ alt. 400V 3~
Can handle 11300W 3~ and 7360W 1~


1 ½’’, 2’’, 1 ½’ galvanic insulated, 1 1/4 ’’

Protection class



Electrical heat protection and thermal fuse

Surrounding temp.

Max 55°C

Example applications

  • Heating of fluids
  • Electrical water boilers
  • Accumulator tanks
  • Under foor heating
  • Process Industry

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